Title: Beauty And The Beast A 30th Celebration 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Adventure, Family
Quality: HD
Directors: Hamish Hamilton
Writer: Ryan Landels, Linda Woolverton
Stars: Rita Moreno, Joshua Henry, Martin Short
I love the animated Beauty and the Beast from 30 years ago. That’s why I look forward to seeing this anniversary tribute. Sadly this happens. that it was over-produced and full of actors. Which doesn’t hold up to the film and staged versions of this classic. Whenever Rita Moreno and Josh Groban are around for live, sung numbers. Shows have energy and points. They are intercut with the original animated film. H. E. R is one outspoken Van Belle. Shania Twain as Mrs. Potts has the worst vocal casting ever. Nothing compares to the excellent Angela Lansbury in the film. Already in her late 60s, Lansbury embraced the character warmly and sang the character with dramatic flair. Ms. Twain looks mature. And not in a good way. She is not known as an actress. And it showed. With the casting of Josh Groban as the Beast comes vocal energy. And that was wonderful. H.E.R. is probably a better R&B artist vocally. But in music, she is out of depth. Martin Short as Lumiere and David Alan Grier as Cogsworth show dramatic flair. “Be Our Guest” is meant to be a showstopper. And this is one of the highlights of the original film. Here it was increased so much that it would have gone beyond its attractiveness. Because it is annoying. Stream Free Popular Movies all your favorites online On Myflixer Com for free without membership.