2024, Documentary

Bitconned 2024

Bitconned 2024
Title: Bitconned 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Documentary
Directors: Bryan Storkel
Writer: Weston Currie, Jonathan Ignatius Green
Stars: Sam Bankman-Fried, Robert Farkas, Sohrab Sharma
Storyline: Bitconned is a movie that depicts one of the first bitcoin scams ever. This documentary delves deeply into the topic of greed. It illustrates the dangers of the quickly changing financial environment. You’ll witness the difficulties the capitalist system faces. Centra Tech is the main focus of the film. It’s startling rise and equally stunning fall are coming apart. One of the company’s co-founders, Ray Trapani, serves as the narrative’s guide. Three people are taking advantage of the uncontrolled bitcoin market. Their intention is to fool investors in order to gain millions and finance expensive lifestyles. The documentary “Bitconned” looks to be an enlightening look at the realm of white-collar crime. Know about biggest bitcoin scam in Bitconned 2024 on Myflixer in HD.