Title: Bones And All 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Horror, Romance
Quality: HD
Directors: Luca Guadagnino
Writer: David Kajganich, Camille DeAngelis
Stars: Timothée Chalamet, Taylor Russell, Mark Rylance
“Bones and All 2022” happens to be a bizarrely bizarre addition to the canon of American road movies, laced with blood. The film would have been shot on location in Ohio. Director Luca Guadagnino happens to be the star of his Call Me By Your Name. In it, Timothee goes on an adventure with Chalamet. which later takes the conflicted young character to several Midwestern states. Joining him on the journey is Taylor Russell, a promising young star for a long time. Which has long deserved the spotlight in Bones and All. There he sees her, which places her and Chalamet as a pair of nomadic cannibals. Who is struggling to find a place? In this, the world is populated by humans. Which naturally have little interest in food. Its harrowing romantic tale bears a striking resemblance to the forbidden romance explored by the Italian director in Call Me By Your Name. While those instances of blood-soaked violence inevitably call to mind the body horror moments present in Guadagnino’s 2018 re-imagining of Suspiria. There are different ways to latest watch movies and shows on your devices on the Myflixer site. This website provides all data for free in HD.