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Boston Strangler 2023

Boston Strangler 2023
Title: Boston Strangler 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Crime, Drama, History
Quality: HD
Directors: Matt Ruskin
Writer: Matt Ruskin
Stars: Keira Knightley, Carrie Coon, Chris Cooper
Storyline: Ultimately, The Boston Strangler is a crime thriller and journalistic drama which makes it far more interesting than the average film in those genres. ‘The Boston Strangler’ also deals with the personal lives of Loretta and Gene Cole. However, the film focuses more on the former, whose initially supportive husband, James, becomes increasingly exhausted and bored by working tirelessly around the clock instead of spending more time at home. Raskin brings out the best in her cast, starting with Keira Knightley’s intriguing lead turn as the tough Loretta McLaughlin, and the same goes for Carrie Coon. It’s exciting to see a serial killer movie that shifts its focus from the criminal victim to the women who prey on him. Not only this, but it is inspiring to know more about these real women and the limits they have pushed to redefine their roles in the workplace and in society. Stream Online Boston Strangler 2023 on Myflixer Website For Free.