2023, Action, Comedy, Thriller

Operation Fortune Ruse de guerre 2023

Operation Fortune Ruse de guerre 2023
Title: Operation Fortune Ruse de guerre 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Comedy, Thriller
Quality: HD
Directors: Guy Ritchie
Writer: Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies, Guy Ritchie
Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Jason Statham, Hugh Grant
‘Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre’ takes place for the fifth time. When director Guy Ritchie used Jason Statham in one of his films. And if it ain’t broke it’s a pretty straightforward espionage-action adventure. In which comedy is inserted to a large extent. Closer to the ‘man of anger’. It was better than ‘The Gentlemen’, but not as much as ‘Snatch’. Orson Fortune (Statham), Sara (Plaza), and JJ (Malone) make only minor introductions as a detective team working for Nathan (Elwes). Before we leave and run. Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre is directed by Guy Ritchie. So of course, Jason Statham is in it. He happens to be Richie’s main boy. One who has a very specific set of skills. He can wear suits efficiently. One can hug people without breaking a sweat. And can speak strangely when needed. Statham does all of that in this movie too, so I’m not disappointed. Orson Fortune (Jason Statham) is a gun for hire. Important people may hire him and his team to solve some dark and delicate business fast and full of corpses. This time some mysterious thing called “Handle” is stolen from some laboratory. And a random government figure hires Fortune to solve a potentially world-scale problem. Myflixer Website is an online Hollywood movie service that allows you to watch all of the best films from anywhere in the world.