2023, Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Saltburn 2023

Saltburn 2023
Title: Saltburn 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Directors: Emerald Fennell
Writer: Emerald Fennell
Stars: Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Archie Madekwe
Storyline: “Saltburn” is successful in shattering our preconceived notions of what constitutes appropriate behaviour in public. This is her own take on a common story. Through a magnifying lens, she reveals the reality about human nature in a rarefied environment. This is enticing and frequently surreal—deliciously, wickedly cruel. It features cutting-edge performances and opulent production values. It’s obvious that Fennell wants to provoke and entertain, and she succeeds in both areas for a considerable amount of time. Saltburn has a little bit of The Talented Mr. Ripley in its heart. Oliver, who says his family is chaotic, experiences a taste of the high life and develops an addiction. Watch Saltburn 2023 on Myflixer Website in HD video quality.