2023, Action, Adventure, Drama

Secret Invasion S01 E02

Secret Invasion S01 E02
Title: Secret Invasion S01 E02
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Adventure, Drama
Directors: Kyle Bradstreet
Writer: Kyle Bradstreet
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Olivia Colman
Storyline:Secret Invasion Season 1 Episode 2 also begins to build a bridge between the past and the forbidden present, led by antagonist Kingsley Ben Adair, who has plenty of room to tango and prove his worth as a worthy villain throughout the season. It’s no surprise that the entire episode is essentially devoted to the aftermath of the attack on Moscow by Grevik and his rebel faction the Skrulls. A failure that leaves more scars on Talos and most of all on Fury, a lone man fighting against an invasion far greater than he expected while surviving a third world struggle to get the world to take his word seriously. On Myflix you can watch and stream Secret Invasion S01 E02 in HD quality without any sign up.