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Shirley 2024

Shirley 2024
Title: Shirley 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Biography, Drama, History
Directors: John Ridley
Writer: John Ridley
Stars: Regina King, Lance Reddick, Terrence Howard
Storyline: Shirley 2024 tells the story of Shirley Chisholm, a groundbreaking politician and former presidential candidate. The movie begins by showing the House of Representatives in 1968, where out of 435 members, only 11 were women, none of whom were black. In the official class portrait on the Capitol steps, Chisholm, played by Regina King, stands out as the only Black woman among a group of older white men. Despite the obviously CGI-ed Capitol dome in the background, the image effectively conveys the radical nature of Chisholm’s presence in the halls of power and her uphill battle. Stream this complete biography of Shirley on Myflixer Movies.