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Suncoast 2024

Suncoast 2024
Title: Suncoast 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Drama
Directors: Laura Chinn
Writer: Laura Chinn
Stars: Nico Parker, Laura Linney, Woody Harrelson
Storyline: As Doris struggles to break out of the shadows and assert herself in the classroom, we get to see her maturing as a person. In addition, Doris has to deal with conflict within her family, particularly because of her mother. The task of providing care for her son, who has a fatal illness, is taking up all of her thoughts. Unexpectedly, when her brother’s hospice is being protested outside, Doris befriends a heartbroken spouse. Though it might appear a little out of place, Linney gives a powerful performance that is characteristic of her, capturing the soul of a working-class Floridian. However, Harrelson’s participation only helps to increase the film’s star power rather than making much of an impact on the overall plot. Stream the full movie in HD on Myflixer without paying any membership charges.