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The Boys In The Boat 2024

The Boys In The Boat 2024
Title: The Boys In The Boat 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Biography, Drama, Sport
Directors: George Clooney
Writer: Daniel James Brown, Mark L. Smith
Stars: Joel Edgerton, Callum Turner, Peter Guinness
Storyline: The popular novel by Daniel James Brown served as the inspiration for “The Boys in the Boat.” The real story of the University of Washington rowing squad is presented here. The team won a gold medal in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. The story revolves around young guys who came of age during the worst of the Great Depression. They always have holes in their shoes and are voracious. Both they and their coach are cognizant of the hardship they have endured. As a result, they are now willing to do whatever it takes to escape it. Callum Turner played the role of Joe Rantz. He is a little child left on his own because his mother died and his father abandoned him. He is not in a home. If the small youngster cannot pay his school fee, he will soon be expelled from the school. Watch The Boys In The Boat on Myflixer without creating any account.