Title: The Old Way 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Western
Quality: HD
Directors: Brett Donowho
Writer: Carl W. Lucas
Stars: Phillip Aguirre, Dean Armstrong, Ryan Kiera Armstrong
“The Old Way 2023” The saga of Nicolas Cage and his immense filmography continues in its latest edition. Which is titled The Old Way. American Horror Story: Red Tide standout Ryan is joined by Keira Armstrong. Cage does a surprisingly great job as a haughty father bent on revenge. I have to admit that I almost completely detest the Western genre; As such, sitting down to watch The Old Way doesn’t really excite me. Retired gunslinger Colton Briggs is now a stoic family man and store owner. One day while his wife, Ruth, is doing laundry, Briggs is forced to walk his sweet, inquisitive daughter, Brooke, to school. However, classes are canceled. So instead Brooke comes over for the father/daughter bonding day. Unbeknownst to both of them, until they return home. By then it may be too late for them to save Ruth. A ghost from Colton’s past emerges—twenty years is a long time to build up one’s taste for vengeance. A gang of outlaws is no match for Briggs and his resourceful daughter, Brooke. However, don’t expect the old ways of John Wick in the Old West. There are too many shootouts and enough violence for the average moviegoer. But cruelty is never noticed here. The old way instead relied on strength of character. And especially on the father/daughter relationship. Together they set out to chase those vagabonds. All horror, comedy, action, and romance movies developed and adapted from the 2021 decade to the 2023 decade and beyond are available to watch on Myflixer 2023 categories.