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The Retirement Plan 2023

The Retirement Plan 2023
Title: The Retirement Plan 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Action, Comedy, Crime
Directors: Tim Brown
Writer: Tim Brown
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Ashley Greene, Ron Perlman
Storyline: Kinetic comedic Very little planning went into the Retirement Plan: Cast Nicolas Cage, turn him into a good guy and have him eliminate a ton of villains. There is undoubtedly some amusement in that premise, but it is a very wide, very extravagant attempt to turn an action crime drama into a comedy. Jimmy and Ashley are forced to flee from criminals who threaten to kill them if they don’t receive the crucial thumb drive they’re after. They require a way out. Their escape strategy involves hiding Sarah’s drive and sending her to the Cayman Islands with two names and an address, one of which is certain to be her estranged grandfather’s, who isn’t aware of her existence or that she’s about to arrive. Terrible acting is introduced in the opening sequence, which is full of over-the-top villains and terrible speech. The movie sorely needs Cage to play a beach bum grandpa. When he does arrive, Cage makes an effort to take in the breathtaking views of the Cayman Islands’ unbelievably blue sea and stunning beaches.
The remainder of the film is Cage killing villains. There are many dead, most of them are slain one by one and each with a different weapon. Undoubtedly, there are enjoyable parts to this film; the action moves along, and the villains keep falling to their deaths, but the humor feels forced. The screenplay is intentionally written poorly, in my opinion. All of the antagonists’ traits and lines of language are overused and clich├ęd. Additionally, there are many evil characters, including government officials and leaders of organized crime, each of whom is a double agent. Sadly, it ceased making sense around the time Cage is introduced, which is terrible because he is by far the greatest portion. Enjoy many other epics like The Retirement Plan 2023 on Myflixer movies website which is streaming more than 20 genres with full HD video quality and high resolution audio.