Title: The Royal Hotel 2023
Genres: 2023 Movies | Thriller
Directors: Kitty Green
Writer: Kitty Green, Oscar Redding
Stars: Julia Garner, Jessica Henwick, Herbert Nordrum
Storyline: “The Royal Hotel” is a genre-bending film with elements of the far-flung western. Two elements of the movie elevate it above a somber and formulaic horror tale. One is that Hanna and Liv tackle their problems in different ways. In both instances, Hanna is initially hesitant, cautious, distrusting, nervous, afraid, and then gives in to Matty’s charms. With a few notable outliers, filmmaker Green painstakingly put together this fantastic film. The film explores the subjugation of females within a confined space, specifically the workplace. It was an excellent movie. This one is superior. Watch this thriller The Royal Hotel 2023 in HD quality on Myflixer Center.