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This Is Me… Now 2024

This Is Me… Now 2024
Title: This Is Me… Now 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Music, Musical
Directors: Dave Meyers
Writer: Jennifer Lopez, Matt Walton, Dave Meyers
Stars: Jennifer Lopez, Fat Joe, Jane Fonda
Storyline: The narrative begins with the Puerto Rican legend of Taroo and Alida. It is a tale of two lovers transforming into a hummingbird and a flower. Through this story, Lopez delves into her own experience of love addiction and the risks of falling deeply and rapidly in love, seemingly at every chance. Interestingly, her latest album’s title track, “This is Me…Then,” was written during the early stages of her relationship with her current husband, Ben Affleck. It is peculiar that Affleck is only briefly mentioned as the boyfriend from whom she is separated while they journey through a stunning dusk landscape. Check out this latest movie This Is Me… Now 2024 on Myflixer Movies without membership.