2022, Comedy, Drama

Triangle of Sadness 2022

Triangle of Sadness 2022
Title: Triangle of Sadness 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Comedy, Drama
Quality: HD
Directors: Ruben Östlund
Writer: Ruben Östlund
Stars: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Woody Harrelson
“Triangle of Sadness 2022” takes place in Palme d’Or winner Ruben Ostlund’s wickedly funny film. The social hierarchy is turned upside down. Which reveals the dirty relationship between power and beauty. It stars a celebrity model couple, Karl and Yaya, who is invited on a luxury cruise for the wealthy. Which is operated by the captain of a boat. The girlfriend here is played by Charlie Dean, an actress, and former model. With the film’s triumphant launch at Cannes this May – it would have won the festival’s prestigious Palme d’Or award. And she is sure to have a successful acting career ahead of her. Here Carl gets serious about Yaya. While Yaya becomes interested in Karl for social media purposes. She believes that she will someday marry a rich man. And so here they are, taking their relationship baggage with them on a cruise for the super-rich. Where they happen to be the poorest and best-looking people on the boat. Here the cruise provides Ostlund with a number of characters including Winston and Clementine. If you are in the mood to watch now free popular Action films. Watch Online On Myflixer Action Categories For Free In HD Quality Movie.