2022, Action, Comedy, Crime

Violent Night 2022

Violent Night 2022
Title: Violent Night 2022
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Comedy,Crime
Quality: HD
Directors: Tommy Wirkola
Writer: Pat Casey, Josh Miller
Stars: David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell
There is truth in advertising: “Violent Night” is a Christmas movie with gore that will stick to Santa’s beard. In a film that desperately tries to pass off lamebrained sadism as edgy comedy, that is the last sliver of honesty left. The edge here is insufficient to cut through a fruitcake, kindly. Eventually, Santa is required to visit the lavish Lightstone family mansion. The matriarch, Gertrude, lords over her enterprise and her family with an iron grip and foul language. That last is because everybody in Hollywood understands that nothing is funnier than a swearing grandma, with the exception of a swearing youngster. Enter 7-year-old Trudy, Gertrude’s granddaughter, who is glad to oblige. The fact that none of the movie’s potential meme-worthy lines could be printed in this newspaper is telling. The character of Scrooge, a mercenary played by John Leguizamo, who has infiltrated the Lightstone complex with a group of heavily armed followers and is holding the entire family captive, delivers the greatest lines—which isn’t saying much—with appropriate bile. The fact that Scrooge’s line blatantly parodies John McClane’s iconic send-off in “Die Hard” only strengthens the impression that “Violent Night” is simply a copy of that earlier film, with Santa serving as the unexpected meddler who thwarts the villains’ schemes. There are different ways to latest 2022 watch movies and series on your devices on the Myflixer com website. This site provides all data for free in HD quality.