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Code 8: Part II 2024

Code 8: Part II 2024
Title: Code 8: Part II 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Crime, Drama
Directors: Jeff Chan
Writer: Chris Pare, Jeff Chan, Sherren Lee
Stars: Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, Alex Mallari Jr.
Storyline: In the sequel to the 2019 film “Code 8,” a young woman sets out on a journey for justice following her brother’s victimization by corrupt law enforcement officers. In “Code 8: Part II,” Connor, portrayed by Robbie Amell, endeavors to distance himself from his criminal history. He takes on a janitorial role at a local community center. Nevertheless, his determination is put to the test when he becomes entangled in the predicament of 14-year-old Pav, played by Sirena Gulamgaus, who is being pursued by corrupt officers under the command of Sergeant King, portrayed by Alex Mallari Jr. As Connor reluctantly reenters the criminal world, he must navigate through uncertain circumstances and make the decision of whether to place his trust in his former partner Garrett, portrayed by Stephen Amell, who may possess the key to his survival. Enjoy watching this movie in HD quality on Myflixer ru.