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Lover, Stalker, Killer 2024

Lover, Stalker, Killer 2024
Title: Lover, Stalker, Killer 2024
Genres: 2024 Movies | Documentary, Crime
Directors: Sam Hobkinson
Writer: Sam Hobkinson
Stars: Ryan Avis, Jessica N Johnson, Chris Maher
Storyline: In 2012, the story unfolds with Dave Kroupa, a single auto mechanic from Omaha, who is ready to mingle after a recent breakup. He stumbles upon Liz Golyar on a dating app, a woman who loves bowling and has a rebellious side, as seen in footage where she switches off security cameras. Meanwhile, thinking their relationship is casual, Dave also gets involved with Cari Farver. However, Farver’s behavior takes a dark twist. She bombards Dave with a relentless stream of threatening texts and emails. The screen becomes filled with vulgarities, and the soundtrack is plagued with digital glitches as the virtual harassment intensifies. Things take a sinister turn when Golyar’s house mysteriously burns down. As unsettling events unfold, Farver remains elusive. Stream the complete movie in HD on Myflixer.