2023, Drama, Sci-Fi

Silo S01 E01

Silo S01 E01
Title: Silo S01 E01
Genres: 2023 Movies | Drama, Sci-Fi
Directors: Graham Yost
Writer: Graham Yost
Stars: Rebecca Ferguson, Tim Robbins, Common
Storyline: Silo is based on the series of the same name written by Hugh Howe. The Silo takes place in an underground bunker that descends over 100 stories into the earth. Although this society has lived there for over a century, there are questions as to why they are there and what the outside world might actually be like. When Alison becomes dissatisfied with her life, she demands to get out of the silo, setting off a chain of events that leaves her husband to pick up the pieces and answer questions. Streaming is available for Silo S01 2023 TV series on My flixer without any registration.